Dance in the rain

jueves, 12 de enero de 2017

Helga Collection Launch Party!!!

For the very begining of this 2017, 
Nikky from Polkadoodles just create the most adorable character 

Isn´t she the most adorable hippopotamus of all!!!!!

For my first make for this party, I made a waterfall card using images from design sheet #1

Here is a videto to show this card movement

My second make is a carton milk box made with images from 
design sheet Ds2-05

My third make is a bag made with papers and one of the beautiful toppers included in this collection

My fourth make is an never ending card, the first of my life lol
I used images from design sheets Ds-02, Ds2-08 and Ds-09

A video to show this card movement

My fifth make is a tooth shaped card

And for my final make I made a mirror like box for Helga, just to find her own kind of beauty

2 comentarios:

  1. Es una coquetura completa! Helga es un bella y tu trabajo es muy hermoso! Todo luce bello!!

  2. Me encantan todos, se ven muy tiernos con esos papeles tan divinos, los proyectos preciosos, pero esa cajita con ese pensamiento y la ternura de hipopotamo me encantó!!!