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viernes, 23 de enero de 2015

Sun Sand Fun

I know most of you are in the middle of a hard Winter, so I want to share a little bit of costarican sun with you.

Manzanillo National Park, Limon, Costa Rica

 In Costa Rica, we´re in the middle of our Summer, our kids are on vacation and families go to our sunny beaches.

So, I think I can make a little gift for my youngest nieces and nephew.

For this project, I´m trying out for the first time, printable waterproof vinyl. 
Due to it´s good reviews I chose Papillo Countouring White Waterproof Vinyl 
(I bought it at Amazon)

 And due to it´s great graphic quality I chose "At the beach" and "Sandbox Boy" ScrappyDew´s files to work with.

First, I worked the file on the Silhouette Studio, and I have to little advices for you:

1-When you have grouped your file and it´s ready to print, select all the image and add black lines to it. 
When you do this, you are adding beautiful definition to your file. 

 Can you see the big difference between the file with no lines at the left and the file with black lines at the right?

2-As I was working with little kids images, I added tiny white circles to add light to the eyes. 

And some blush in the cheeks with circles in pink but with transparency at 59,3

When my images were done, I printed in the vinyl and used the print and cut feature to cut it out.

And finally this is how it works out

We will see if the vinyt is really waterproof!!!!

Thank you for stopping by :o)

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  2. I'm curious to see if the vinyl is really waterproof as well. Really cute project

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  3. Creatividad e ingenio al máximo amiga me encantan las muñequitas como se ven en los baldes!!!