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jueves, 5 de septiembre de 2013

Dr. Soto Bag

Last Friday, after finishing my commitment as August guest designer, Michelle -from Scrappy Dew Designing Team- contacted me and asked me to remain designing for them for the next five months. 
So now I´am a Dew-ette, and will be posting my Scrappy Dew projects each Friday.

Today, my post is to honor my sister 
-Dr. Gabi Soto-

She is a hematologist pediatrician that works with children with blood cancer at the Hospital Nacional de Niños, in Costa Rica.

Each work day is a fight for her patients lives.
Due to her hard job, her patients and their parents love her.

I´m proud of my sister.

So, when I saw the "Doctors" and "Hospital Supplies" cutting files from Scrappy Dew, I decided to make a project for her:

Dr Soto Bag

Here is a closer look of the little doctor with her tiny stethoscope (Scrappy Dew always takes care of the little details)

Keep Gabi and her little patients in your prayers.

Remember, you can find this lovely cut files at

4 comentarios:

  1. Monica, such a special gift for your sister. She's going to love it! She has a very difficult job, I can see why you are so proud of her.

    DT Leader and Facebook ADMIN for

  2. Monica, siempre corro a ver tus posts porque se que todo lo que haces es precioso, y este homenaje a tu hermana y al dificil trabajo que realiza no solo es bello, esta lleno de ternura y amor ♥ Me encanta ♥

  3. awww, demasiado bello... me encanta el maletin de DOC!!!

  4. Congrats! I am very proud to call you friend. Always surprised with your work.